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About this project:

This project is a calculator for Windows Mobile6, its aim is to be user-friendly and useful. The screen resolution is WQVGA (240 x 400), randomly like a Samsung i900. There are some functions like trigo, Log2, LogN, Sqrt... Just yet another calculator:)

* Manage hexadecimal, octal, binary with live convertion
* Thousand separator, and space around operators
* Manage many operations separatly
* Monitor for operations problem

How to execute:

/!\ No stable release yet /!\

YaC uses the Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 3.5. It could be executed on a windows mobile phone or on Microsoft Windows with the .Net Framework 3.5 installed.
Download YaC.exe and execute it (no installation needed yet), or see "Get the source code" to get the latest up to date version.


Join this project:

Every one is welcome to join this project !
See at the YaC sourceforge page to contact me.

Get the source code:

YaC is written in Visual Basic .Net language. I use Visual Studio 2008 to compile it and the .Net Compact Framework 3.5. You need to install the Windows Mobile 6 SDK. If you use an emulator, set the screen size to 240 x 400 or download the SGH-i900 device skin emulator

Source code for this project may be available as files download page or through one of the SCM repositories used by the project, as accessible from the project develop page.

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